Golf Betting Tips

Sports betting is as popular as ever, and this is thanks in no small part to the Internet. Thanks to the Internet you can bet on your favorite golfer or bet on matchups regardless of where you live and despite the fact that gambling may not be legal in your area of the world. While the availability of golf betting via the Internet makes betting easy, it doesn’t mean that you can just jump right in and expect to win. You need to understand how to bet on golf if you want to at least get back what you put in and have any shot of making money and having fun with golf betting.

There’s Not Just One Way To Bet On Golf:
Unlike football and other sports there is not just one basic way to bet on golf. When it comes to golf you have several different options. Additionally, you not only have several different options but when betting on golf you have to decide when and where to implement each option so that you can make the most of your wagering.

Betting On An Individual Or Betting To Win:
This is the most common way to bet on golf. Many people find that this is the best way to bet on golf because there are a lot of tournaments over the course of a year, which means a lot of opportunities to win big. Of course, your individual golfer may not be listed to win, so you may have to go for another betting option which is known as the field. The field includes all of the competitors not listed.

It’s important to understand that the golf odds on a field bet will vary widely and depends on how many golfers are listed and how likely it is that the top golfers will win the specific tournament. Basically, in situations where the five or six golfers continue to compete for the top spots at all of the tournaments for the year the odds on a field bet will be much higher since there isn’t much chance that one of the longshots in the field will actually be able to win. While you have to keep that in mind you also must remember that upsets are not unheard of in golf, in fact they are much more common in golf than in any other sport so you can place a field bet and still win big or big enough. While the payouts for betting on the field are usually less than you if wager on one of the listed players you have the advantage of more than one entrant in the golf tournament winning and allowing you to win.

Another way that you may be able to bet to win is to bet futures on the four major PGA tournaments. This is a great way to bet because you get to wager far in advance. Betting in advance allows you to watch the golfer become more valuable to you. For instance, if you bet on a golfer that is 10-1 right now he may be 6-1 when he actually makes it to the tournament you have bet on, which is ideal! Betting futures truly is a great way to bet on golf as long as you are familiar with the tournaments as well as the golfer you place your wager on.

Matchup Betting:
Matchup betting is another way to bet on the winner of a golf tournament. Matchup betting is created by oddsmakers and they typically involve golfers that are up against one another to win each tournament. Matchup bets usually focus on how one golfer in the tournament fares compares to how another golfer in the matchup finishes. Group matchups are another betting option and are very popular in the golfing world. With group matchups bettors can bet on how just one golfer will finish in the tournament as compared to all of the other golfers in the group. All matchup betting is done through money lines, which is much the same as the point spread in football betting.

If you are interested in betting on matchups you will want to be sure to note the exact matchup as every sports book offers different head to head and group matchups to choose from. You will probably need to look at each choice and decide which one you believe is the right one for you to bet on.

Double Your Chances:
You can double your chances of winning big if you bet to win as well as place bets on matchups. Of course, this is a bit risky if you don’t bet on the right golfer or matchups, but if you are experienced and you know the golfers well then you stand to make a lot of money! Remember, only do this if you have experience with golf betting and you are somewhat sure you stand to make a buck!

Betting Tips:
Before placing any bet on a golfer or golf matchups there are some things that you will want to keep in mind. First, you should never bet on the most popular golfers because you just won’t get much value for such a bet. Also, you should always look into the golfer’s game play and history and how they do on any given course. This will give you a clear indication of how the golfer will play this year since tournaments are held on the same courses every year.

Betting on golf can be a lot of fun but you shouldn’t jump in with both feet if you aren’t sure of what you are doing. You can find help through websites that give detailed information about every golfer as well as power ranks for all of the golfers playing the big tournaments this year. You may also want to consider watching the first couple tournaments and betting in your mind instead of betting and losing money. If your instincts are right then you may want to begin betting on individuals and matchups in the next couple tournaments. Getting in slow is always the best idea, because it allows you to build confidence and ensure that you will not lose all of your money right out of the gate.

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