The Origins Of The Line

There are four or five odds makers that are assigned to make lines for each of the major sports such as professional and college football, as well as professional and college basketball, Major League Baseball, National Hockey League, golf, and boxing. Each of the odds makers has opinions, knowledge, and experience that can help in the creation of the lines for each sport. Las Vegas Sports Consultants is considered the world's best odds making company as well as the most respected authority on making the lines. These odds makers are basically sport-aholics that get paid to research their assigned sport so that others can risk millions of dollars on the lines that they will create!

The odds maker is attempting to create a line that half of the people that are betting will find appealing while the other half of people find it appealing to bet the other way. Odds makers not only want the betting to keep people interested in the sports, but they also want it to create good two way action, not just one way, or it wouldn't be much fun and definitely wouldn't be worth betting on. The more appeal that the line has both ways the more money that everyone can stand to make, including the bookie.

The odds makers, all of whom have their own personal approach and technique, create the opening line but typically it is associated with past performance, and current power ratings of each team or individual, depending on the sport at hand. Power ratings are the value of each team, making it easier for the odds maker to calculate a point spread on an upcoming game. Power ratings are changed after each team plays and either wins or loses a game. The odds maker will also look at local newspapers to get a feel for what the players and the coach's think will happen at the game, and they'll adjust the line accordingly. The odds maker must also consider public perception of a team, if there has been a lot of interest in a team or player in recent weeks, or anything of that sort that will change the way that people bet. In the end the odds maker wants to create a line that will split the betting as evenly as possible, so all things must be considered. When the opening line has been created it is then sent out to sportsbooks. Bet you didn't know that much went into creating the lines that you bet on, did you? Coming up with the lines is quite complicated and is definitely a science that a lot of bettors never give much thought to.

When the line is released to sportsbooks it can still be changed at any time. The reason for changing the line would be to make the betting more even. Sportsbooks can actually influence how the public will bet on any given game just by moving the line. The line is often changed when a player gets hurt, the weather changes, or there are reports of low moral amongst the team. Giving the line a lot of consideration not only makes the sportsbooks more money, but also makes the betting a lot more intense and fun!

Often one can wager a run line, puck line, or goal line bets. These are simply alternatives to the moneyline prices found in baseball, hockey, or soccer. These types of bests often feature a fixed point spread that offers a higher payout for the favorite and a lower payout for the underdog. You may or may not find these types of wagers when you are betting on sports online. Some web sites try to keep everything on typical money lines while others like to change it up. It definitely can be fun to change it up every once in awhile and see if you can't improve your stats by betting with another system every now and again.

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