2012 Euro Cup Updates; June 12

Todays games included Greece versus the Czech Republic followed by Poland against Russia.

Greece versus the Czech Republic:
Odds were fairly even for both teams going into the match (and before the tournament started), and while it ended closely at a 2-1 victory for the Czech's - 2 very early goals in the first half made most of the game feel like anything but.

During the first half of the game Petr Jiráček scored just 3 minutes into the game giving the Czech Republic the lead, which was further solidified just another 3 minutes later as Václav Pilař scored again at the 6 minute mark for a 2-0 lead.

In the second half, Fanis Gekas scored into a relatively empty net for Greece at the 53 minute mark bringing them back into contention, but it wasn't quite enough as the rest of the half went without further goals.

  • Greece next plays against Russia on the 16th.
  • Czech Republic next faces Poland on the 16th.

Poland versus Russia:
While Russia was slightly favored on the odds sheet, their matchup against Poland today ended up in a 1-1 tie for the teams.

The first half saw plenty of fouls and offside players resulting in lots of free kicks on both sides, one of which Russia's Alan Dzagoev capitalized on to get a header in at 37 minutes into the game.

While Russia maintained their lead into the second half, at 57 minutes Polands Jakub Błaszczykowski rocketed a counter goal into the far corner to tie things up, where the score remained to the 93 minute mark.

  • Poland next plays against the Czech Republic on the 16th.
  • Russia next faces Greece on the 16th.

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