2012 Euro Cup Updates; June 8 - Opening Day

Today marks the opening day for the much anticipated 2012 European Cup tournament, opening with two games; Russia vs the Czech Republic and Poland vs Greece.

Russia vs the Czech Republic:
Alan Dzagoev scored twice in this first game, putting him in a good start for this years Golden Boot Award, making for a discerning victory over Czech Republic in their first game of the season.

Alex scored his first goal just 15 minutes into the game with Shirokov scoring again for Russia less than 10 minutes afterwards.

While Václav Pilař scored a few minutes into the second half for the Czech Republic to keep things close, Dzagoev and Pavlyuchenko for Russia both scored in the last 10 minutes to solidify an impressive win.

Poland vs Greece:
Neither Greece or Poland were particularily favored to make it far in this years Euro Cup, and with most bookies carrying fairly close odds on the two the outcome may not be much of a surprise, todays opener resulted in a tie between the two.

Poland's Lewandowski Robert Lewandowski scored the first goal early in the game, keeping them in the lead through half time, only to have Dimitris Salpingidis score just 5 minutes after that to even the score between the two.

  • Poland's next match is on the 12th versus Russia.
  • Greece plays against the Czech Republic; also on the 12th.

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